Your Car is an Important Asset, It’s Time to Treat it like One

Friday, June 17, 2011

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It’s easy to forget the vastness and sheer size of Pennsylvania. Because Pennsylvania is such a large state, cars are usually the norm for transportation. Whether you’re going through town or cutting across the state on I-80, driving a car is the most efficient mode of transportation available. With over 8 million people on the road,Pennsylvania currently ranks 5th in the nation for licensed drivers. With more cars on the road, more accidents are bound to happen. Getting involved in a car collision is not only frustrating, but extremely costly depending on the circumstances. The unpleasant nature of accidents means it’s necessary to equip yourself with a reliablePennsylvania auto insurance policy. Under an auto insurance policy, here is what you can be protected from:

  • ·         Collision:
    Collision coverage protects you from any loss during a collision with any
  • ·
    Medical coverage protects the driver of the insured vehicle
  • ·
    Liability coverage protects you from any liability issues if you collide with
    property or another driver
  • ·
    Comprehensive coverage protects you from any damage or losses after an incident
    other than  a collision

Driving is one of the ultimate freedoms our country has, but becoming involved in an accident can turn it into a large burden. At Nicklas Insurance Group we understand the risks involved with driving on busy roads and we want to ensure you that our Pennsylvania auto insurance policy will protect you and your vehicle from anyunnecessary damages. Contact us today to begin the initial phase of auto protection.