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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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Imagine you’re waking up the night after a large thunderstorm. You stretch and yawn and peek out the window and notice a couple of medium-sized branches in your yard, but you don’t think anything of it. You go into thekitchen, make some coffee, check the newspaper, and after a half hour or so you’re ready to start the day. You shower and get dressed and before you know you have a one way ticket to Saturday morning. However, after grabbing your coat and your keys you walk outside to your car and notice a large branch has fallen and smashed your windshield. You’re thinking, now what?

Let’s say you decide to go for your customary evening run. You lace up the sneakers and put in the headphones and start running like crazy, feeling the music and feeling the burn. You decide to take a detour and run throughsome scenic paths in the woods for slightly more of a challenge. However, after hitting a declined straight away, you gain too much speed and trip over a rock; it hurts so bad you can barely walk. Doctor’s diagnosis: broken ankle. However, you don’t have health insurance. You’re thinking, who am I going to turn to?

After coming back from a weekend trip you rest up for a little bit then start unpacking your things before bed. You decide you want to turn on the TV to catch up on anything you may have missed. Unfortunately, when you go to turn on the TV, you realize it’s gone. Someone had broken into your home and stolen your TV along with some other possessions. You’re thinking, what do I do now?

At Nicklas Insurance Group we understand that unfortunate incidents happen without any warning. Thesespontaneous acts of misery can happen at any time. We sympathize with the fact that there is often nothing you can do to prevent these accidents. However, with the right insurance policy, you can cover yourself from any financial issues that any of the above factors may cause. If you’re looking for St. Marys Insurance, you’ve come to the right place. We offer auto, health, and home insurance as well as many other policies. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us for more information today!